Making A “Shot List”

What is a shot list? It is your must have pictures for your wedding day, all the moments that you want to see when you get your pictures.

Most photographers are going to ask you for a list of the pictures that are most important to you. And if they don’t, well…make one anyway. You wouldn’t want your photographer to miss a picture that was important to you due to lack of communication.

First write down all the pictures that are important to you. Next talk to all those who have a big part in the wedding – your future spouse, any parents that are helping pay for the wedding, etc. See what pictures are important to them and write those down as well. Your next step is to pare your list down. Examine the list that you now have and determine which are the most important pictures to have. Feel free to discuss this with those you got picture ideas from. Then make a list that contains only those final pictures. This will be the list that you give to the photographer. Your final step in this process is discussing your shot list with the photographer and listening to any advice they may have. Your photographer may suggest some shots that you hadn’t thought of and would like to consider. Make sure the photographer is willing to work with you to capture the images that will mean the most to you…it is your special day and you deserve to be happy with the results long after the day is over!

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