Day Nine: Stuffed Animal

I still remember receiving him as a gift from an older lady. He was soft, cuddly and white with a brown heart on his chest. I named him Scruffy. The name eventually came to fit. After awhile the white faded to grey (despite a few very careful washings) and he became a little threadbare in some spots. I just figured that showed how much more he was loved than all the other stuffed animals that were in my collection.

Scruffy was gruff, a little grumpy/cranky from time to time and notorious for his frown (if you pushed down on his forehead it created a lovely frown line). He could be sweet and kind when he wanted to be, though I have nothing to say on how often that was 🙂
Sometimes he was a superhero and other times he was a pirate…it just depended on his mood. Regardless of what he chose to be though on any given day, he was always a very cool bear. He was an extremely rich businessman (pardon me…I mean business bear). His best friend was Raggedy Ann. His brothers were Wooly and Harry and his niece was Taffy, who was from South Dakota and very much a country girl…she was also pink.

Even though Scruffy truly is a fitting name for him now, he’s still my favorite stuffed animal and he always will be.

Stuffed Animal

Stuffed Animal

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